Three Simple Steps to a Fast property Sale

If you’re looking to get a quick sale with an auction house or estate agent then there’s only one rule – forget it! The truth of the matter is that traditional methods and a fast property sale simply don’t mix, so if you really want to offload your home as quickly as possible then a cash buying company is a much better bet. What’s more, it only takes three simple steps to sell your home:

Step One

Choose your cash home buying company and tell them where you live and a few details about your home. They’ll give you an estimate of the offer they’d be likely to make. To take things one stage further, let them know you’re interested and they’ll carry out a valuation on your home and make you a solid offer. If you’re happy, all you need to do is agree it.

Step Two

Once you’ve agreed to sell your home you can sit back and let the home buying company take care of everything. Unlike traditional sales you won’t need to carry out your own survey, spend time and money decorating, keep your home looking stunning all the time ready for viewings, deal with or pay a solicitor or pay the company a fee when the sale is complete. The cash buying company will do everything on your behalf – and in many cases they can do it within just one week.

Step Three

On completion, the cash from your sale will go straight into your account for you to do with as you please. No hidden costs or added extras will be charged to you, so you’ll end up with exactly the money you were offered in your account.

Why Sell for Cash?

There are so many benefits to choosing a fast sale. Cash buying companies are ideal if you’re facing repossession and can’t keep up with your mortgage payments, if you’re moving to a new area, if you’re going through a divorce, or if you simply want to free up the equity tied up in your home.

So why not try Cash Buyer UK and find out how you could reap the rewards of a quick cash sale. It’s so much quicker, easier and less stressful than using an estate agent or an auction house and is the best way to ensure that you’re completely in control of the sale of your home.


Sell Your House Quick Without An Agent

Selling your house without an estate agent is a relatively simple task if you opt for a quick cash sale, and utilise the cash buying companies and services that are available on the internet.

Property sales on the open market are at an all time low, and unless you have an estate agent that is very pro-active, has a good database of buyers already on their books, and already searching for property in your area, or have a close relationship with property investors in your area … the chances of attaining a fast sale of your home are slim.

sell house quickly

At National Cash Buyer the service provided truly is a cash sale. You can sell your property in 7 days, without the need to pay estate agent fees, without the need for a board up at your door, without the need to have potential buyers arranging inconvenient viewings, and without all of the stress that comes with it.

You simply get the cash in the bank in as little as 7 days, and you get to sell your house quick.

With a service like this you can even have proof of funds shown to you and your solicitor so you know that they are genuine and the cash is real. To sell your house quickly doesn’t need to be a difficult task, it’s all really down to the method of sale that you are using!

Selling Your Home Online Options

If you have a house that you are looking to sell online, you may not be aware of the various sale types that you can opt for, and the options that are available to you.

Selling your house online doesn’t need to be challenging, and you could even guarantee yourself a sale by using an cash house sale buying company.

The main selling options that you can use are:

  1. A Quick House Sale Company
    These types of companies have sprung up over the past 5-6 years, and they offer you a quick sale of your home in under 7 days, in exchange you get instant cash in your bank. More often than not you do not get 100% of the market value, but atleast you are getting the sale you need in a very quick timeframe. This service is not for everyone, but it does have its advantages.
  2. Online Estate Agency Service
    There are a few types of online estate agency services available on the internet. The first one is very similar to a traditional estate agent, in that the agent will come out and take photos, will list on RightMove and Zoopla on your behalf, and you will get potential buyers wanting viewings which will be organised by the estate agency, and as a general rule, you will carry out the viewings. The other type of online estate agency service is a ‘list only’ service. What happens here is the only service that the estate agency will offer you is to list the property on Rightmove and Zoopla, you must take your own photos, and you must arrange your own viewings with the help of the estate agencies call centre. Finally, the other option for online estate agencies, is a DIY service. Quite often these types of sites don’t utilise the big portals like Zoopla and Rightmove, what they do is rely on the traffic that goes directly to their sites. You upload your own photos, you write your own descriptions, and you arrange your own viewing using their platform.
  3. The Modern Method Of Sale – Auction Service
    Selling via an auction used to be a very difficult and tedious task, and you needed to be physically present in the auction room. However, with the use of the internet, there are services out there where you can list your property similarly to Ebay. You upload your own photographs, write your own descriptions, and set your own bidding prices. This is often a great way to sell – and whatsmore you will generally pay no fees, as the buyer usually pays a premium.

If you want more information on selling your house quickly, call us directly or click the offer button to contact us.

Selling Your House Quickly With A House Buying Company

If you are considering selling your house in today’s very difficult market place, you will know just how difficult it can be, and the potential downfalls you can face.


You may well be tempted to use a house buying company, there are literally hundreds of them on the internet, and advertising in the national press, but are they really as good as they say they are? There are some pitfalls that you could face, and below are just a handful of them.

Offers of 100% and more – and you have no equity
If a property buying company offers you 100% or more of the value of your home, and you have little to no equity, the likelihood is they are carrying out a lease option, or instalment contract.

There is nothing particularly wrong with a lease option, but lease option ‘experts’  are often very unclear as to how they work, and the terms of there practice.

The main fact to know is that you aren’t actually selling your house with a lease option. What you are doing is letting someone control your mortgage on your behalf for a certain time period, and giving them an ‘option’ to buy your property within that period.

Depending on the clauses in the agreement, the lease option holder can usually walk away from your property and hand the mortgage back to you when their time is up.

Make sure you look into lease options very carefully, as you could put yourself in a difficult situation of you think you have sold you home but in 5 years or so it is handed back to you, and you are left to pay the mortgage on it again, along with the mortgage of your new home!

Get 100% – (50% now and 50% later)

This kind of sale is refered to as a JV (Joint Venture) agreement, and is a very shady and scrupulous practice in the industry. The idea is that you sell your property now for 100% of it’s market value, but you only get 50% of its current value up front.

The other 50% is given to you in 10 years time – when the market has apparently increased and the company doing the JV can sell your property for more that 100% and generate a profit.

In reality, what you are doing is accepting 50% for your property, and relying on a company (often a limited with no liability) in selling your property and getting the other 50%.

What the can do is close down their company, and open up again, and you lose your other 50%.

Chipping or adjustment after sale agreement

This is the most common of all the house buyer tricks. What they do is agree a sale price with you, make you an offer that you can’t refuse, get your property valued, advise solicitors and ultimately get your hopes up; then on the day of completion they drastically reduce their offer in hopes that you will accept it – purely down to not wanting the hassle of going through the sale process again.

This is a very unscrupulous practice, so before you deal with any house buying company you need to make sure its in your terms and conditions that the price will not be adjusted at the last minute.

The best advice anyone can give you when dealing with a property buying company is to do your homework. Check out the company thoroughly on the internet, and if in doubt get legal advice.